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It is incredible to see how media celebrities have flocked around one hosting provider for promoting its services. Their names are known so well that any advert with their participation is deemed to success. Media page of has plenty of them, but before watching take precautions because they are unrated and therefore may not be suitable for everyone. Except of video commercials rest of the portal is nothing more than about hosting services with variety of plans and features. Founder of, Bob Parson started this group in 1997 under the name Jomax Technologies. Since then it has grown into global company with 3460 employees with onsite 500 developers. Several facts listed in company profile are telling amazing things. One-third of the internet said is running through Go daddy servers. The size of this company is bigger than its other 8 competitors taken together and domains under company management have exceeded 52 million. According to reports from Tier1 Research, Go daddy is world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting provider.
Like the company itself portal was also was made large. For such provider with products offerings of about 49 types this kind of site is necessity for its prestige it holds in hosting industry. You will find there domain registration for single and bulk purchases. There are pre-occupied domain names as well. Easy to remember or eye catching names for domains are sold at the auction and depending how good it sounds will go for higher prices. Domains with extensions of 23 varieties have been spread into table with 5 columns from 1 to 10 year pricing. The difference between general and bulk prices are not felt for domain purchases less than 20 pieces regardless of how many years is the contract. Discounts are provided only beginning from 21 domain purchases and go like this for every name extension. Domains that are already owned can be also purchased by backordering scheme. You will need deposit some amount and when the domain is available for sale it will be placed into bidding process. Web site of Go daddy is also rich for hosting plans of any kind at attractive and flexible prices. Just needs some time to poke around to find best fit for you budget. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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