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Review of Fatcow.com, Udderly Fantastic Web Hosting

Fatcow – is funny name given to hosting company. They have been asked so many times of why they are named so. As it seems now Cow is distinguishing name that helps to stay different from the rest of hosting companies and at the same time to provide simple and customer friendly services. History starts from 1998 when group of talented people came together to sell hosting in simple and old fashioned way. Customers of the company are from small and middle businesses. Along with hosting Fatcow is delivering easy to use and own services with real businesses value on top.
The only single hosting plan from Fatcow is made of different breed. Being as a single package, company has spent time and put all efforts on it to make it worth of several hosting packages. Just to mention about unlimited e-mail accounts or shopping cart which is given for free, the features that not every provider is able to provide for this price. By the way, annual price for hosting is 44USD per year. Splitting it into 12 month and you get 3.67USD per month. This is for beginning of your hosting experience with Fatcow. Except that more paid services are available as your requirements and needs will grow with the time. You can order convenient back-up tool to put aside your valuable data to prevent its loss in cases if failures. That would cost you 12.95 per year. Another a must have thing for your web site is SSL certificate for secure shopping which is 59.95 USD per year. Like many sites around your site can have badge of SiteLock certificate to let your customers know that your site is secure. For 12.95USD per year Fatcow will conduct the work to identify vulnerabilities to keep you site flawless and free from spam, online scams, fraud the things that would inhibit your online businesses. If you can afford 99USD per month for SEO services then you get assurance of more traffic which means more revenue and more success to your site. There are other service s like marketing tools or shopping carts that are free in nature at Fatcow.

FatCow.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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