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Fasthosts is another UK web hosting company with proven track of records. It is a one-stop-shop for internet services. They know exactly faces of whom they are serving to. These are mainly home, home office and Small and Medium business people. Company goes hand by hand with technology innovations and gives customers to taste it and feel how good it is when they are up to date with their hosting solutions. History book is a unfading heritage witnessing the growth of the company from the very beginning in November of 1999 and all the way to present. Records of events of every new undertaking is followed by recognition of achievements by tech. magazines and industry observers. If you still are skeptical of those words then Fasthosts asks to look at awards page which is continuously filling up with new arrivals. Currently Fasthosts is looking for new and fresh minds and has openings for several vacancies waiting for talented candidates. Once hired they become a part of great team.
Although hosting prices from Fasthosts are not bad compared to other competitors, there are also best priced plans for every of shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. Low cost shared (also called web) hosting starts from 3.49pounds per month. Servers with resource vitalization can be obtained from 29.99 pounds per month. And for dedicated servers they are asking as low as 53.10 pounds per month. Reseller can have their profit margin with package selling at 19.9 p/m.
Owning a data center has beneficial part than not to having it. In addition to hosting Fasthosts has surplus of server resources in its data center. These resources were used for backup and mail exchange solutions. For attractive price of 10 pounds per month online backup can automatically pull data from customer PC back to data center storage where it will be safe from accidental lost or erasing, but it will consume plenty of bandwidth.
Mail exchange with your own e-mail address ending with your domain can create professional image. It also has calendars, contacts and tasks which can be shared with your colleagues at your office. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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