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Review of, the easiest way to sell online. is a living hosting company. Its blood is customers that are counting more than 20 000 who are paying duly hosting fees. Every of them have found bigcommerce as the right source for success in online electronic commerce. As an astonishing achiement would be for any provider to have 1000 businesses signing up every week. And this is happening normally here at bigcommerce. Last year Company has grown at a record level, 680 percent and it is not the end in this fastest growing ecommerce platform. What makes them to be successful is partly explained in section of Company story. Secret behind is simple, a philosophy that Software should simple to use and still powerful enough for customers to accomplish their job. Company has adopted customer oriented believes and values. Customer is considered as a big asset. He will not be neither asked for computer degree to start selling online, nor for contracts that are counted here as an evil. Ecommerce deals with money which requires strictly secure connection for transactions between customer and online store. Any potential buyer coming to the store must be assured that his credit card or other sensitive information will not be stolen. What this company did in this direction is that it became compliant to PCI DDS standard. Compliance to this standard means every credit card payment transactions are protected. This important and not the last thing for successful online commerce.
If you are just pondering whether to start or not your ecommerce then get 15 days free trial. After that when you become more confident about your capabilities signup for Bronze package as low as for 24.95USD per month. This plan features 100 kinds of products that you can sell from your web store and 3 staff logins that allows updating, inserting and modifying store content by three different people at the same time. Packages named Silver, Gold, and Platinum have more numbers for products but will cost more. With Diamond plan you can sell unlimited types of products at 299.95USD per month. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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