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Review of, web hosting made simple.

Anhosting has started hosting business in unusual place –in a basement. That house photo in the web page must be the one that gave its basement. From there Anhosting has flourished into top quality company with thousand satisfied customers and now providing quality hosting services around the world. There are obvious reasons for becoming such, as they say in web site, top quality hosting provider. Among them is accreditation by BBB for quality and numerous customer reviews who had good expirience of getting hosting services from Anhosting.
Customers can‘t be pushed by any provider but can be attracted with low prices, superiour support, higher uptime guarantee of services. Anhosting has everything in that sence. Data center is located nearby to main corporate office so anyone from 100 people of staffing can be fetched in for assistance at any time. It is located in disaster–safe zone so it is less possible that data center can be blown by volcano or exposed to natural disasters.
Boldly advertised plan for shared hosting took huge banner space on the main page. Don‘t be mislead by thinking that 19 cents paid monthly. It is daily rate. Even if you multiply it for a monthe it is not that bad for shared hosting. Anhosting made a good company with open source platforms. Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are at the service whenever some web site has to be created or blogging has to be started by any of customer. Mega hosting package has free one month Wordpess hosting. It was choosen because of its popularity and easy to deploy features. With just one click it will sit in your host. Other content management systems can be also picked at unlimited hosting plan. Hosting plans from Anhosting are really unlimited. Traditionally fee based features like e–mail and Ecommerce are totally free including everything inside of them not mentioning about unlimited number SQL databases, bandwidth, web space and ftp accounts. For sure issuing private certificate and providing IP address should be paid. To keep cost low Anhosting has only Linux based hosting. If for some reason you don‘t want to continue with Anhosting they will not be asking any questions and refund the money in full right away. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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