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Review of 1and1.com, Innovative hosting company

CEO of 1&1 company is saying that his company wants to be the first in the market to bring innovative products at low prices in hosting industry. It is challenging task that takes a lot of efforts to prove that the words told are worth saying. Back in its rich history the company went into different ventures which all have turned into success stories and then became as remarkable milestones in company life. Started in 1988 as a small German company it had seen many partners from all of Europe. Every of these marriages were for 1&1 as an opportunity for gaining reputation of the innovative and technology driven company. In 2003 company has started serving customers across Atlantic Ocean in US. The company is known in every European country beginning from France through Germany and up to Poland. Currently company keeps employed 4541 people, enough to run one big plant. A fleet of over 70 000 servers are spread among multiple data centers. Number say for themselves. What else wish for hosting company with stable financial status, latest technology and quality of services?

When you bring attention to the company main page there are four menu items with labels for hosting services. They are linked to posters on the top so they flip over whenever you click on each plan. To begin with domain registration, it is 99 cents for .info. Outdated prices for .com,.co, and net domains are crossed out and now became cheaper for one dollar. Hosting plans for Windows and Linux servers are under special prices and are lower considerably than regular prices. Difference in features creates difference in prices. For 4.99USD plan you save 60USD during 12 month and get top of every feature while for the same price at 4.99 only traffic flow without limits.

If you plan to start online business, here are eCommerce services at your disposal. You can sell variety of products counting from 50 to 20 000 and receive payments to your personal paypal account. Start selling at beginning with 50 products with monthly payment at 11.99 USD and then rise this number to 20 000 by going to higher plans.

1and1.com  Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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